Amata Arts & Crafts Market in Novelda

Amata Arts & Crafts Market in Novelda

9, 10 and 11 of November

In the weekend of 9, 10 and 11 November an attractive craft fair will be held in the Glorieta square in the middle of Novelda. The Town Hall has asked craft association Amata to organize the fair, because they wanted to be sure of original craft work in all the stalls.

Interesting range of craftwork

There will be a wide and variegated choice of real craftwork: earthenware and ceramics in a variety of styles, wooden utensils and decorative pieces, leather bags and belts, jewelry in silver, wood, glass, dried seeds or enamel, handwoven shawls and clothes, wooden toys and games, dolls and puppets, lamps, macramé, paintings, and that’s just a selection. You can even have things made to order – even on the spot!, as most artesans bring their tools along.

There will also be some interesting stalls with traditional crafts: Antonio will be making baskets and rush seating (what a chance to bring that old chair along and get it repaired!), Francisco uses a blowlamp to make the beautiful beads for his jewelry, and Nieves will bring two potter’s wheels to give children and adults a chance to turn their own bowl or cup.

Children of every age (and perhaps their parents if they are in a silly mood) can amuse themselves in the Ludoteca – an area with lots of table games. They can also make their own masterpieces in several craft workshops – participation is free but there only a limited number of places available.

On Saturday morning a dj will liven up the fair, while that same afternoon at 6pm a Big Band gives a concert, followed by the traditional Valencian music of dulçaina i tabalet (sort of hoboe and drum). And on Sunday the local asociación de belenistas sets up a stand to show the beautifull Nativity scenes that are so typical for Spain.

Grapes-in-a-bag and beautiful buildings

Novelda is famous for its uvas embolsadas (literally: grapes in a bag) – perhaps you have seen the vinyards full of white bags. This is to protect the white grapes from the weather and guarantee perfect grapes at table. The Town Hall will use the craft fair on Saturday to promote their grapes and their wines in several stalls.

The town has a number of handsome buildings dating from the beginning of the last century. The Casa Museo Modernista is a precious jewel from the Art Nouveau / Jugendstil, then there is the Town Hall, the Centro Cultural Gómez-Tortosa, and on a little hill, some 3 kms from the Town towards the motorway, you can visit the La Mola castle and the famous santuary of Santa María Magdalena.

Amata Arts & Crafts Market in Novelda

The Fair is open on Friday the 9th of November from 6pm onwards; opening times on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th are from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm till 9 pm or later. Novelda lies fairly near the main A31 motorway from Alicante to Madrid, about 25 km from Alicante.

The fair is held in the beautiful Glorieta square right in the centre of Town. At certain times during the weekend the centre is closed to traffic – just park the car and walk to the Fair, it’s not all that far. For more information, also in English, ring Amata on – 639 979 678. You can see photographs of similar fairs of Amata in other towns at or