Summer is with us once again and we are already welcoming many visitors to our Communities and Urbanisations.

Please take every opportunity to advise both the Residents and Visitors in your areas, to be aware of the situations below. Help prevent them from being this summer’s victims.

For the last couple of years’, crime in this area has been very low and probably less than in some visitors´ home countries. However, not everyone who comes to the area is here for just the sun, sand and sea, or to relax. It should be remembered that this is a tourist area, and in addition to visitors, thieves looking for easy pickings, also come as well, but for very different reasons.

Do not let the criminals have a happy visit and ruin yours

At the airport

Look after your luggage. Do not leave your handbags or wallets on the trolley and never get into conversations with people you’ve not met before and do not know. If you have hired a car, look out for the “representative” asking you to leave everything in the car and return to the Desk.

On the way to your destination be aware of being followed. If you are flagged down by anyone in civilian clothes or in an unmarked car, showing you a badge, DO NOT STOP, or PULL OVER. The Police in Spain do not use plain cars, except for the Guardia Civil Trafico, who illuminate a STOP sign in the car and are ALWAYS in their green police Uniform.

At your holiday destination

When you relax on the patio or in the pool, always ensure the doors and windows are closed. At night, close shutters on vulnerable windows. Bouble lock your front door and never leave anything on show from outside.

Visiting the beach

If you drive to the Beach, do not leave anything on show in the car and never leave keys or papers with your address on. Never take anything to the beach that you will not need and never leave bags etc unattended, whilst you are in the sea. Even if a “friendly” stranger offers to “keep an eye” on them, for you.

Visiting shops and markets

Once again, only take with you what you will need. Do not leave things in your car and in shops, beware of distraction thefts – people asking you to reach high shelves, or who create a distraction or commotion by bumping into to you. On leaving, be aware of anyone asking for advice or directions whilst you are loading the car, especially if they are carrying maps or papers.

Visiting restaurants and bars

Again, only take with you what you will need, including handbags. Never disply open wallets, containing money.

Thieves use bars to spot vulnerable people, who they can subsequently attack on their way home.

We hope that everyone enjoys a safe and wonderful holiday in our area and comes back time and again. By following this advice, we hope that your holiday will not be spoilt.

If the police, ambulance or fire service are required, dial 112

You can speak in Spanish, English, German or Scandinavian.

If you use a foreign mobile, your call will be automatically transferred to the relevant control centre.

The Spanish police in this area, are friendly and very efficient.