Police are concerned that the lighthouse at the western side of the Torrevieja port has become a very popular bathing area among youngsters with its main attraction being the prospect of jumping into the sea from the pier located several metres above the water.

They warn that the practice is extremely dangerous due to the activities of the desalination plant in the area as well as the industrial salt conveyor belt and the passage of hundreds of motor launches and yachts on a daily basis.

In addition to the height of the drop into the sea, without any type of control, the site presents other additional hazards. It is located just a few metres from the catchment area for thousands of cubic meters needed for the daily production of the Torrevieja desalination plant, which has powerful underwater pumping in the area.

The danger is signposted with buoys but they are largely ignored by the bathers. In addition, there is a constant movement of boats and other leisure vehicles such as jet skis throughout the day which also take place just a few metres from the area chosen for diving or jumping into the sea.

The police say that they are now patrolling the area on a regular basis and anyone found jumping into the sea from the lighthouse will be severely reprimanded and removed from the vicinity.