DVLA Personalised Registrations will be auctioning what must be the ultimate personalised registration for owners of Jaguar Land Rover’s range-topping Special Vehicle Racing models badged SVR.

The agency is selling the registration 1 SVR ironically a short distance from the iconic manufacturers’ Warwickshire home with the second live three day auction of the year being held at the Stratford Manor Hotel near Stratford-on-Avon.

The registration – which of course is also suitable to anyone sporting the initials SVR – is among 1,250 on offer to suit all tastes and budgets during the three days commencing on Wednesday, May 16.

With 1 SVR (reserve £2,400) likely to be of interest to Jaguar or Range Rover SVR owners – where new models range from £100,000 each – as ever with a DVLA Personalised Registrations auction, there’s a whole raft of lots suited to supercars like LAM 80B (£300) for the Lamborghini drivers, 991 GTS (£1,200) for Porsche drivers and A488 GTO (£250) for owners of the special Ferrari model.

For those looking for a specific ‘name’ related registration, there’s a whole host on offer including RO18 ERT (£400), ELL107G (£250), DOR 15E (£400) and F41 THE (£250). For tradesmen there’s VO17 AGE (£400) that is clearly ideal for an electrician and 1 LGV (£2,400) for haulage drivers and for fans of a certain football team bearing the United-tag, the DVLA is auctioning UN17 TED (£400).

Those looking for the quirky, fun-related, registrations there are many such as OW11 ZAT (£400), for the keen cricketer or BAR 31E (£300) for fans of a certain cult toy doll!

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Senior Sales Manager, said: “Our single one digit three-letter registrations always prove hugely popular but, there’s no denying, 1 SVR will have an added draw caused by Jaguar Land Rovers’ Special Vehicle Racing models. Putting its value into context, in 2016 we auctioned 1 SUV which attracted bids from Sports Utility Vehicle owners for £46,200.

“While 1 SVR will undoubtedly be a star lot, as ever we have worked tirelessly to ensure there are personalised registrations available to suit all tastes and budgets. Our first live auction of 2018 held in February proved another huge success, I am confident this one will be equally popular.”

Just some of the 1,250 personalised registrations included in the forthcoming sale include:

1989 A (reserve £2,500), APE 27A (£300), A61 BBS (£250), BAR 31E (£300), BAR 805S (£250), BED 805S (£250), 1958 C (£2,500), CA57 LES (£400), 83 CKS (£1,200), DAW 511E (£250), DOG 805S (£250), ELT 66N (£300), ERR 111N (£250), FA11 LON (£400), FER 911E (£250), FL11 YNN (£400), GEO 61A (£300), HER 881E (£250), 25 HED (£1,200), H34 ART (£250), IXZ 5 (£500), JA14 MES (£400), JED 1D (£500), JOD 111Y (£250), KAM 111Y (£250), K111 TTY (£250), MAH 500D (£250), MCL 675L (£250), NES 581T (£250), 1 NNT (£2,400), NRU 5H (£350), 500 O (£2,500), OFF 1T (£500), 1 OOH (£2,400), PER 511A (£250), PHE 38E (£300), PUS 55H (£300), RAH 111N (£250), 75 SAJ (£1,200), SU18 ARU (£400), TAX 1D (£500), T447 LOR (£250), 58 VET (£1,200), VO17 AGE (£400), WND 50R (£300), 29 WO (£2,200), XER 20X (£300), XWH 178Y (£250), YAF 41S (£300), 20 YEE (£300), Y35 LAD (£250).

Millions of other personalised registrations can also be viewed at DVLA’s Personalised Registrations Official website, www.dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk