44 members and guests arrived early for our 8:44 first tee time. The first two four balls were a match between 8 Swedish players and the main Stableford competition began at our normal time of 9:00.

Many comments could be heard expressing their opinion on what good condition the course was in, later some of these may have regretted this when their scores were reviled.

In fact only one member managed to play to par; several others found themselves in the buffer zone and therefore a podium place.

This course has 5 par 3´s which means that there are 5 opportunities to make a 2, Joe Dean was the only player to make a 2, the first coming at the par 3 6th and again at the long par 3 10th.

Full results; N.T.P.´s hole 4 Mike O´Regan (missed a 3 footer for a 2) hole 6 nada, hole 10 Joe Dean, hole 15 Shelia Dean, hole 17 Raymond Eiken. Our only guest won the guests prize, G. Noble,

Bronze cat; 3rd Mrs Pearl Sabine 31, 2nd Pat O´Dowd 33, 1st Lennart Holmberg 36.

Silver cat: 3rd A. Martin 33, 2nd Alan Rickers 34, 1st Ole Rong 35.

Gold cat: 3rd Kenny (Isaac Hunter) 32, 2nd Captain John Eyre 33, 1st Paul Bradley 35.

Photo: N.T.P. winners. Note for your diary. 28th and 29th May 2 day golf trip to Las Pinaillas, great course and a great price!

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