A 38-year-old man died on Monday after being crushed by a forklift while he was working in a fruit and vegetable company located in Dolores.  Paramedics attended the incident but despite their efforts he was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

The events took place at about 4:00 pm when the forklift truck used to lift pallets and boxes was destabilized and fell on top of the worker. According to municipal sources, the event took place in the Hortofrutícola Tres Puentes, which sells its fruit and vegetables at local auctions.

Colleagues attempted to free the man from under the forklift while the SAMU medics were trying to keep him alive and stabilise his condition but he subsequently died of his injuries.

The local police and agents from the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil are now carrying out an investigation to try to clarify the causes of this accident.

The deceased is of South American origin and had been residing in Dolores for many years so he was well known by local residents.