I have just read the article in your 707 edition concerning the above. Before the council start bleating about the population decrease they should examine their methods from past years.

We bought a property here in Torrevieja in 2004, we were advised to register on the Padron, which we duly did at the appropriate office in town. We had a certificate to confirm this, and when I purchased a vehicle, we renewed it as requested.

However a couple years ago I read an article that again recommended that the certificate be updated. I duly presented myself at the new Tourist info Centre, near the Eras de la Sal, but was immediately told that because I wasn’t a Resident, that this was not possible. The lady in the office was very straightforward and clear, and I was definitely not going on the Padron.

Just to confirm, I am not resident in Spain, but I own a property.

If this situation is correct, then it seems perfectly clear to me that, in the height of the property boom, Torrevieja made hay, claiming all sorts of money that they, in fact, should not have been claiming. Now that rules have been tightened, they are now bleating that they are losing residents. This is probably not the case, just that they over stated in the past. You can’t have it both ways!


David Banton