Last of the Humanist group easy walks for 2017. A 2 hour stroll along the rambla from La Azohia out to Campillo and back. Nice company and thanks to Audrey for leading the walk.

The weather was almost perfect, I say “almost” as was still a bit on the warm side after a while, but there were a few organised breaks on route, including a stop at the “Cantina” so the arrangements lived up to the description of an “Easy walk”. It was a lovely highly scenic route.

Despite questions raised by a small number the meal at La Meson in Isla Plana was excellent and truly terrific value at €12 for a 5 course meal on a holiday Saturday.  It was a great gathering and lively conversation to the point where due to the noise Jon struggled to deliver his message regarding the more challenging walk next Saturday 16th December.

Below is a pic of the start.  Not exactly a sprint start out of the blocks, perhaps more folk deciding they should pace themselves.