Two local policemen from Torrevieja’s Environmental Unit were arrested by the Civil Guard on Monday for alleged extortion surrounding the allocation of music licenses to bars. The pair were detained in custody and spent the night in Guardia cells.

Both were employed by the Environmental Unit and were responsible for the control of public establishments. Among their tasks was the allocation of licences to the bars and it’s in this area on which the investigation is focussed, whether there has been a crime of extortion against business owners.

One of the policemen was arrested at his home in the centre of Torrevieja where he was handcuffed and detained in the full view of his neighbours.

Torrevieja courts have ordered that the proceedings are carried out in, so at the moment the defence lawyers have no idea of the charges being brought as the magistrate considers that the investigation still has a long way to run. It was explained that the measure has been adopted so as not to obstruct the judicial investigations.

One of the policemen arrested had been the subject of a previous disciplinary offence, in which he received a reprimand for using a special vehicle without permission.

It is not the first time that members of the Local Police have been involved in a judicial investigation. Dating back to 2006, a group of agents have been investigated for the torture of two detainees with the trial still pending trial eleven years later.

The Guardia have said that the operation remains ongoing and new arrests are not ruled out.