Cemetery wall collapses in La Aparecida

Cemetery wall collapses at La Aparecida

One of the walls of the cemetery in the eastern parish of La Aparecida has collapsed, due to the poor state of the graveyard and its surrounds.

Heavy rain, particularly through the winter months, is said to be responsible, according to the spokesman of Compromís, Cayetano Portugués, who is a regular user of the parish church.

He said that work to shore up the collapsed wall must be carried out as a matter of urgency, particularly in view of the upcoming public holiday, All Saints Day, on Wednesday.

The council, meanwhile, has a party of agricultural labourers employed at cemeteries around the area, at Desamparados, Hurchillo and Torremendo and La Aparecida. It is hoped that they will all be diverted to La Aparecida on Monday in an effort to shore up the wall before the holy day’s influx of visitors.

Portuguese has requested that the municipal government meet with the Church who own the cemetery, to mediate and be able to resolve this problem. “Although it is not municipal property, the City Council must ensure the safety of the residents,” said the opposition councillor.