Five people have been arrested in a shootout during the early hours of Monday morning in the district of La Coma in the town of Paterna close to Valencia airport.

Four of those arrested were injured, three of them having suffered gunshot wounds and a further person having been beaten unconscious.

According to sources the incident occurred in the early hours of Monday in la Plaza Benicarló in La Como.

In making the arrests, the National Police siezed a pistol, a revolver and several knives.

The Centre for Information and the Coordination of Emergencies (CICU) said that they received a call at 0945 hours. They were advised that it was a shooting with several people injured.

A basic life support unit (SVB) and an emergency medical service unit (SAMU) attended the scene. Medical services treated two wounded people: were taken to La Fe Hospital and another 36-year-old man with cuts and bruises who was transferred to the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova.

A third person who was suffering from gunshot wounds walked into a local medical centre for treatment after leaving the scene. He too was transferred to La Fe Hospital.

Although little information has been released of the shootings the indications are that it is related to a settlement of accounts around the sale of drugs between two clans of gypsy ethnicity which triggered the stabbing and subsequent shooting.

Two of those arrested are said to have a history of trafficking in drugs and firearms.

Several parents picked up their children from a nearby school after learning of the facts via local radio, but according to the school headmaster the situation was under control at all times and the children were never in any danger.