A blast on a packed London tube this morning is being treated by police as a terrorist attack. Emergency services were called to the scene at Parsons Green tube station in West London just after 8.15 am this morning.

Senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing, Neil Basu, had declared the incident a terrorist attack.

An unverified picture circulated social media earlier showing a white bucket in flames on the floor of a train carriage. It was covered with a supermarket freezer bag from “either Aldi or Lidl”. There appeared to be wires coming out of the top of the bag.

Initial reports say that some passengers had suffered physical burns on their face and hands from a blast and others had been injured when passengers stampeded off the train and out of the station.


Witnesses of the blast said that a number of people were covered in blood. One lady was seen sitting outside the station with a bandage wrapped around her leg. Another was seen being carried off on a stretcher with her legs covered.

Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, spoke to the BBC and said that everybody “should keep calm and go about their lives in as normal a way as they possibly can”.