WATCH – Eldorado: 25th anniversary passes unnoticed


Who can remember the BBC soap opera El Dorado, the BBC’s stab at a European soap.

Well it is now been over 25 years since the soap first appeared in a prime-time slot – before being cancelled a year later.

Where did it all go wrong for Eldorado? Many thought that sun, sea, sex and sangria on the Costa del Sol was just about the right mix but BBC 1 Controller Alan Yentob said “I didn’t take Eldorado off because it only had an audience of four to five million. I took it off because it wasn’t good enough and it was misconceived.”

Many people still disagree to this day.

Watch as actress Polly “Trish” Perkins takes the BBC’s David Sillito on a trip down Eldorado’s lanes.