Torrevieja’s PP spokesman, Eduardo Dolón, has publicly denounced the “absolute neglect and abandonment” of the Molino del Agua municipal park, which he says has local residents in absolute despair.

Dolón has criticised the “complete indifference of the local government. In recent weeks it has been especially reflected across many urbanisations and neighbourhoods in Torrevieja.”

On Friday Dolón was invited to walk around the Municipal Natural Park Molino del Agua by resident which he says that he found “in a lamentable state of neglect.”  He recalled that “Two years ago it was a wonderful place in which to relax, where we were able to take embracing walks through the dunes, the lakes and the pines “.

However, as residents are telling me all the time, “today it is a walk through a space that has been forgotten by José Manuel Dolón and his team. It is just one of many areas that has been neglected, abandoned and now completely suffers from a lack of maintenance”.

He said that among the many concerns of the residents is the “great risk of fire, where, in addition to the weeds and dry branches that have piled up, there is an accumulation of waste, garbage, plastics, papers and even abandoned mattresses. Those who claim to be ecologists and environmentalists are putting in serious danger one of the main conservation areas of Torrevieja.