A young Spanish woman has criticised the inefficiency of the Local Police after confronting a stalker who she alleges had been filming her on his mobile phone for two days, while she sunbathed topless on la playa de las Ortigas.

Alba LBueno says that she has holidayed in La Mata for 20 years. She says that “I have never had any problems in the town and it is my main holiday destination every year. I feel very much at home and I have always got on very well with local residents.”

However, she says that an episode on the beach last weekend, has ruined her relationship with the area.

“On Saturday I filed a complaint with the police because I caught a boy filming me on the beach for the second consecutive day, but the officer didn’t take my complaint seriously. The officer said that the boy had done nothing wrong.”

“I was sunbathing without a bikini top, which in these days is nothing unusual, so I do not think that I should be made to feel self-conscious by any man, let alone by a degenerate, who has no concern for my feelings.“

“He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was recording, so I got up and ask him what he was doing. I told him that I knew he was recording me and I was going to call the police directly. He just laughed and told me to go ahead, so I took his phone from him.”

“I reported the situation to the Local Police but I was told that if I have a problem I should cover up. The policemen then made me hand back the phone. What sort of advice is that in this day and age”?

Not being happy with the outcome I decided to go to the Guardia Civil in Guardamar and to file a complaint, where a corporal told me that he was very sorry but it was not considered a crime. In fact he said I was very lucky that the boy didn’t denounce me for aggression and robbery when I faced him and took his phone.

Alba said that she was disgusted and absolutely shocked at the lack of police action. “As the injured party I cannot believe the advice that I was given by the Local Police and by the Guardia. Surely we females should be protected from creeps such as the one who invaded my privacy, if not the law needs to be changed now.”