Following an appeal by members of Hosbec, shopkeepers and hoteliers, focussed on the number of illegal traders and mojiteros who were operating locally, the Policia Local in Benidorm have deployed more resources onto Levante Beach.

Following incidents last Friday night where five policemen were injured following a confrontation with approximately twenty mojiteros (drinks vendors on the beaches), the councillor for security said that he will make all the necessary efforts to restore order and end the epidemic of these illegal drinks sales on the beaches.

As a result, the situation on Saturday was very different as police reinforcements made their presence felt. Although there were a number of confrontations between the security forces and the mojiteros, the presence of the police saw them vastly reduced in numbers.

The presence of these illegal drinks sellers on the beaches is costing hoteliers and local bars a great deal of trade, as a result of which they have asked the City Council for a greater police presence “since it is the only way to dissuade them”, they said.

“This illegal activity affects us a lot as it translates into a loss of income,” said one local bar owner. “In addition, the attitude of these vendors is very aggressive. They have even tried to offer drinks to the customers we have sitting on our terraces. We are paying our taxes which they are not. As such it is the duty of the police to intervene.”