In a brief note on social media “located and in good condition” the family of Roberto Palmero and Yanira Jiménez announced yesterday evening (Tuesday), that the two 13-year old runaways, who disappeared from their homes on Friday, had been found.

The news has been greeted with great joy by both families who had been seeking out their children for several days. Agents of the Operational Response Group of the Central District Commissariat of Alicante sad that they found the couple in the Ciudad de Asís neighborhood and had taken them to police stations from where they were able to speak to their parents.

Roberto Palmero Palmeros and Yanira Jiménez Moreno, 13, both disappeared early on Friday morning from their homes in Torrevieja, the last occasion that they had been in contact with their parents.

On Friday afternoon their disappearance was reported to the Guardia Civil with all indications being that the pair had simply run away from home. Yanira was said to have 500 euros in her possession and both mobile phones had been turned off.

They tried to buy a ticket to Madrid at the Torrevieja bus station, but they were refused as being under age.

The family immediately set about distributing the posters noting their disappearance in many areas of Torrevieja, and also in several neighborhoods in Madrid where they were known, with Yanira having moved down to Torrevieja from the capital only a few months ago.

At the time the two families were absolutely distraught, not having a single clue as to their whereabouts or their safety. As well as distributing the posters they also spread the word of their disappearance extensively on social media sites in which they encouraged the two teenagers to return saying they were not in trouble and would not be disciplined.

The two children were found by the Operational Response Group who had received information that they had been seen in the area. They identified them from the posters as they wandered through Alicante city centre streets.