The lawyer of José Miguel Zaragoza, the Chief of Santa Pola’s Local Police, has said in a press conference that the actions of the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF), have been totally “disproportionate, because no accusations have been made, and no copy of any complaints have been provided to his client.

Zaragoza, along with 3 other policemen and a number of local businessmen from the company Redován Almacenes Riera, was arrested last week and interviewed in Alicante about alleged embezzlement and fraud, regarding the supply of uniforms and clothing for both the Policia Local and the Protección Civil.

José Pedro González confirmed that his client testified whilst under caution, “but the facts have not been published or made clear, because the case is under secrecy of summary. Neither has there been any accusation is and he still doesn’t know the charges that he is alleged to have committed.”

Only general statements have been made: embezzlement of public funds, falsification of public documents and prevarication, “but it is not clear what he has done to prevaricate, what documents have been falsified or what funds have been misappropriated. Nothing has yet been specified. ”

“The Chief has his total freedom, without any charges having been brought, so not knowing the allegations, it is currently impossible to determine what defence we must make. Until I am in possession of the charges I am unable to decide the next steps that we must take.”

He added that the actions taken by the authorities are totally without justification and whatever the outcome the reputation of his client has already been damaged beyond repair.

Meanwhile it is understood that Zaragoza has continued working normally, along with other agents being investigated, while one is on leave.