The next PP meeting will take place on Monday 8th May 2017 4pm at Bar Sacko’s, El Limonar.

Rosario Martinez and Graham Knight will be attending so if you have any queries/problems then this will be your opportunity to get answers!  The Guest Speaker will be Michael Lewis, Executive Wealth Manager with Devere-Spain.

Devere are one of the World’s largest independent financial consultancies and have recently been voted by Corporate Vision as the number one Consultancy in Europe.  He will talk about some of the issues which may affect Ex Pats living here in Spain.  His 20 minute talk will focus on Tax matters such as Modelo 720, the new Automatic Exchange Information and Inheritance Tax.  He will also stress the importance of having a Will in Spain as well as Capital Investment and Foreign Exchange.

Please forward this invitation to as many people as you can.

I look forward to seeing you on the 8th May.

Lyn Adams