PSOE councillor Maria Garcia criticised the Orihuela PP government on Monday for not showing respect to either residents or to members of opposition party’s in explaining the situation with regard to the Aguamarina/Cabo Roig promenade.

She said that Cllr Almagro continues to evade direct questions and any explanations he does provide are riddled with contradictions.

Garcia states that if the walkway is closed, as the residents of the Bella Vista urbanisation insist will soon be the case, it will be because of government failings.  “Almagro has been totally inconsistent in the information he has provided and we simply don’t know what the current situation is because the government narrative is misleading. There has been a lack of management, a great deal of stupidity and even lies.”

It is understood that the Commission to decide the final outcome of the case will be heard next Tuesday on 24th January.