Dear Leader,

I have read your front page article re no confidence in the Orihuela mayor and the issues still outstanding in Orihuela Costa.  I have lived here now for ten years and the situation has gradually got worse every year.  It is almost criminal the way the council in Orihuela treat the Costa, they provide absolutely no services, roads are disgraceful, rubbish collection totally inadequate etc etc.  The only thing they do that affects the Costa is to allow building to go on and on with absolutely no concern or thought to the infrastructure or residents. 

The area is in a sad state of decline due to the complete lack of thought or responsibility to the people who live here.  Where I live they built 68 social housing apartments, now after six years owners are moving in.  The residents who have been here for ten years are now unable to park in the street near their homes, rubbish is all over the street as no extra provision has been made.  Further down the new school has been opened, again no provision for parking or the extra vehicles on the road.  The road to the school is a farm track! The boat they have installed on the roundabout in La Zenia is an absurd waste of money given the state of the area.

I have read every week in the seven/eight English speaking papers for the past ten years about the council and the way they treat the coast,  CLARO have raised this constantly for years, however have achieved absolutely nothing of any note.

Now the FAOC, plus the political parties are raising it again, do they not see their efforts are disdainfully ignored and they are simply being insulted by the council and our own councillor Sofia Alvarez.  Until they unite and call for independence they will continue to be treated with contempt.

Ian Fairburn

By Email