The PP have once again criticized the Torrevieja council as schooner the Pascual Flores remains harboured without a license to navigate

The councillor, Eduardo Gil Rebollo (PP), accused the government team of negligence as he repeated his request for access to the file while the ship, which cost more than 4.6 million euros, remains stranded in the port.

Gil says that despite repeated requests for information he still awaits contact from the town hall authorities. He says that the boat doesn’t even possess the necessary license so that it can be moved to a point where it can be repaired. “As of today the Pascual Flores has no licenses to carry out any maritime functions whatsoever. It is completely stranded and it would need a complete prior to being moved, “he continued.

The councillor has repeatedly denounced the Torrevieja government stating back in July and then again in August that the ships navigation and seaworthy certificates have both expired. He added that during the PP administration the Pascual Flores was properly maintained as it was provided with the respect that the historic vessel deserved .

The Pascual Flores is a historic 3-masted schooner, a onetime star of the TV series ‘The Onedin Line. She was the last sailing ship built on the beach in Torrevieja during the early part of the last century.

After her trading career finished she was British owned and based at Dartmouth and then Bristol. The ship was rescued in Milford Haven and brought back to her home port of Torrevieja on a heavy lift ship where, in 2008, she was restored at a cost, in the region, of 4 million euros.

She was completely overhauled in the North African port of Algeciras just last year at a further cost of 18,000 euros following which the director of the Nao Victoria Foundation said that the Pascual Flores was in good condition and remained a great attraction for Mediterranean sailors. He said that it was the intention of the Foundation to show it off worldwide.

Gil Rebollo further criticised Councillor Fanny Serrano, who is responsible for planning in the town, saying that said she continues to show a lack of transparency regarding the necessary licenses to reopen the Theatre, the Cultural centre and the headquarters of the CCOO workers union, all of which remain closed due to health and safety fears.


  1. I well remember Pascual Flores in Bristol when she was dry docked there she for a ship is always she and never it, she was the star at the maritime festivals there and at one sails were being made for her. I fully intend to visit her while in Spain this winter. Common sense must prevail after all she is a rare survivor and now a part of a magnificent maritime history. The world in general does not look after its industrial heritage with sufficient verve.