The leader and spokesman of the opposition Partido Popular (PP) Los Montesinos, Pascual Simón, walked out of last week’s council plenary meeting in protest against the decision of the mayor, José Manuel Butrón, not to include on the agenda a number of different motions presented by his party.

The PP presented a total of eight motions ranging in subject and importance ranging from Emergencies in the town and the response time of the relevant services, a request for greater transparency and openness by the mayor and the town hall staff , with specific reference to the general publication of the plenary minutes,  and a request that the town’s playgrounds are all fenced in, as requested by many parents, thereby providing additional security to the young children using them.

Simón explained that “None of the items raised were even mentioned in the plenary, let alone discussed, because the PSOE has it’s own political agenda that is not only undemocratic but also improper. “

He added that “transparency, dialogue and consensus have been completely abandoned by the mayor and his party members in the in town hall because of socialist indifference toward the electorate.”

Pascual Simón has headed the PP in Los Montesinos since late last year, replacing Pilar Paredes who it was said had lost the support of the local party,