Congratulations to the University Hospital of Torrevieja and its staff which celebrated its tenth anniversary last Monday in which time it has firmly established as one of the leading medical facilities in the Province.

Manager of the Torrevieja Health Department of Torrevieja, Dr. José Antonio Velasco, highlighted the degree of maturity that the hospital has acquired over these years as a result of the efforts of a thoroughly professional team of doctors, nurses and administrators.

“It is a pleasure for me to have been part of this team from the very beginning and to see at first hand the strides and the achievements they have made,” he added.

One of the main objectives of the Directorate is the early resolution of health problems. Currently, according to data provided by the Conselleria itself, at Torrevieja Hospital, the average waiting list for surgery is 32 days, compared to 127 days in the remainder of the Valencian Community.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to provide quality care,” explained Jose David Zafrilla, the Assistant Managing Director, who confirmed that the commitment for 2016 was to maintain an average surgical delay of below 35 days and an average waiting time for consultation not exceeding 25 days.

Amongst the activity recorded, there have been more than 167,000 operations performed with a CMA rate (surgery that does not require admission) of 70%. Almost 3 million appointments have been registered in the hospital and there have been almost 2 million procedures carried out by A&E with an average waiting time of 35 minutes. On a happier note there have also been about 13,000 births carried out in the hospital.

As part of the tenth anniversary celebrations the Hospital of Torrevieja hosted a week of tributes to patients, local groups and associations and medical professionals. Amongst the many organisations honoured at the event were the AECC, Charity for Charities and the Jehovah’s Witness Christian Community, as well as the family of Dr. Garcia Gea who originally named the centre.

The hospital is currently working on its International Joint Commission (JCI) Accreditation, which was introduced in the United States in 1951 as a model of good practices in hospitals. If it succeeds, it will be the first hospital in the Region of Valencia to achieve this.