A meeting was held last week by video-conference, chaired by the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ignacio Ybáñez, to examine the document entitled ‘Campo de Gibraltar in light of Brexit: effects and measures’ which the Association of Municipalities of  Campo de Gibraltar has drawn up. In this document, the association proposes a series of measures in light of the possible effects of Brexit in terms of legislation, employment, investment and other complementary areas which serve to stimulate the economy in the region and make it less dependent on Gibraltar.

The meeting was attended by the Coordinator of the General Secretariat of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Alfonso Garrido, the Vice-President of the Association, Ramón Aranda, the Government Representative in Andalusia, Antonio Sanz, together with representatives of the different ministerial departments in those areas relating to the proposals made by the association.

The government and the regional government thus respond to the initiative presented in the document drawn up by the association back in October on the occasion of the visit to the region by the former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo.

The priority is the development and prosperity of the people living in Campo de Gibraltar. This meeting served to underline the commitment by all parties to this goal and thus indicate the starting point for joint, coordinated work at all three tiers of the public administration.

This meeting has allowed the association to explain the needs of Campo de Gibraltar and the proposals that comprise the document it drew up. It also serves for the Regional Government of Andalusia and the ministerial departments represented to clarify their doubts in relation to these proposals. Lastly, a working method was agreed upon to allow progress to be made in the coming months in response to the challenge of developing Campo de Gibraltar and the concerns expressed by the Association of Municipalities.