The Mazarrón Bay Bridge Club (MBBC) led its first Autumn Bridge drive at Restaurante Rincon de Elias in Bolnuevo, Puerto de Mazarrón.

Sixty-four people plus JVB arrived at 10:00 hours to play 16 tables of Duplicate Bridge.  Thanks to King Kyrie (Leen) and his (tall) Dutch Gnomes (Peter, Anita, Ali and Wim) and with the cooperation of the Camposol Bridge Club (it was their computer equipment) everyone sat down to a well organised two and a half hours of high quality Bridge, well mostly.

There were PDAs for each table, shuffled cards, pens, scorecards, a Director (aforementioned JVB), a Referee (Martin) and Leen keeping everything running smoothly.

People came from Mojacar, La Manga, Camposol, MBBC and Isla Plana.

There were English, lots of (tall) Dutch, a Scottish soldier who had climbed the Beacon Beacons, a Welshman who went to school in Brecon Town, an Essex Girl, some fantastic fingernails, a line dancing instructor, Trevor and people who live in campsites and Camposol.

The winners were Ken and Di, runners up, Chris & Ann, Margaret 2 & Richard and there was an Encouragement Prize (anonymous).

El Rincon de Elias provided plenty of café, water and something stronger as the morning wore on.  Lunch was the usual freshly BBQ fish and meat, although they did run out of tarta de queso.

For more information about future MBBC events and their regular weekly sessions, go to their website, (Dutch Spelling).