So many members of the Balaton Group arrived for the SAMM race day on Sunday 30th October that two of the founder members had to stand down so three new members could experience racing for the first time in the group’s three day boats. They were joined by four Shoestring Group dinghies and one independent boat.

Balaton start
Balaton start

The morning race was delayed by lack of wind but at 12 noon it had come in at 4 knots and the Balaton boats started. Sirocco made a poor start and crossed the line with the dinghies at 12.05pm but made up her deficit and was the first day boat to finish.

The conditions suited Don Clark in his Hartley. He soon led the fleet and finished the first lap in a slow 29 minutes, Sirocco took 52 minutes. This slow pace forced the Race Officer to shorten the race to 3 laps which all the dinghies finished by 2.45pm. The Balaton boats needed a stronger wind to sail their best so took around 45 minutes longer.

As the clocks had gone back and it would get dark earlier the second race was kept at three laps and started at 15.00 hours. The wind had increased to 6 knots and again Don was in the lead by the end of the first lap and held it to the finish.

Mistral had sailed badly in the first race coming in last and it was apparent from the Committee boat during the second race that something was amiss as she was crabbing sideways on the beat. Her rig and keel need urgent investigation to locate the problem.

There was some close racing at times, especially when a dinghy overhauled a day boat and the results were.

First race: Hartley, Shoestring Dos, Shoestring Uno.

Second race: Hartley, Shoestring Cuatro, Shoestring Dos

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