If you are tired of the same old swimming methods that humans have evolved into using, there is now an alternative option for those wishing to take to the sea and feel more like the aquatic residents of the ocean, as Spain has become host to what the owners believe is Europe´s first Mermaid Academy.

20140804-like-a-fish-to-water-4The Acadèmia de Sirenes del Mediterrani is based in Tarragona and is the brainchild of Susana Seuma and Alejandro Rodriguez. The aim is to offer the experience of becoming a mermaid, and have your very own photo session, once you have mastered the appropriate skills required to swim like a fishy – human cross.

The practice of becoming a mermaid, or merman for that matter, is not taken lightly. Although there is a huge element of fun involved, the “basic concept is to do exercises and to practice a swimming skills in a fun and different way”, according to the owners.

If you have any doubt about the health benefits, according to Seuma, swimming whilst wearing a tail is a “good way to strengthen the lower back, buttocks, abdominal muscles, arms, pectoral muscles and breathing”.

Similar academies are already active and popular in the sunshine states of America, as well as the latest which opened recently in the Philippines, but given the rich history of the Mediterranean coastline, the location in the northeast coast of Spain is perhaps one of the most romantic places of them all, when man or woman, boy or girl, can become a mythical creature for the day, and take home the souvenir photograph to prove it.