The Rojales Partido Popular has criticized the lack of maintenance by the government team of the town’s La Noria water wheel which they say is a monument of local cultural and historic interest. They say that the hydraulic element of the wheel is urgently in need attention.

The wheel is not only an important historical and tourist element in Rojales,  it is also responsible for channelling water to the irrigation reservoir of ‘La Hila’ urban gardens through a small irrigation ditch, a task it has been carrying out for many decades.

However the PP now claims that due to lack of maintenance, the garden staff are now having to resort to watering the gardens manually with the economic cost that this entails.

They say that the wheel is totally abandoned and forgotten and they recall that at the end of the previous government term the Ferris wheel had actually stopped working.

“We have been demanding investment in this historical artefact for more than a year but the government team prefers to allocate it’s funding to other areas” stated the PP councillor Alejandro Bernabe. “They must find the necessary investment for the wheel before it becomes too late.”