Over 3,000 euros was stolen from the Alicante Provincial Association of Women with Breast Cancer (APAMM) last Wednesday night according to local association president Loreto Brotons.

The money was raised by volunteers at an event that was organised in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Alicante last Sunday to commemorate World Cancer Day.

The theft occurred overnight at the Alicante Headquarters. According to a spokesman the money was secured in a safe at about 9pm in the evening. It was locked away so as to be counted and banked the following day. Sra Brotons said that the thieves had blown open the safe door. “We are absolutely devastated. How could anybody carry out such a vile act? They are without any moral principles.”

She said that last Wednesday her group celebrated the World Day to commemorate Cancer as they do every year. The group organized a series of events, information tables for the public in order to raise awareness about breast cancer and early detection, as well selling their produce together with  a series of collections in order to raise money to help those women who are affected .

The money was to be used to buy prosthesis which would then be donated to those in need. It was also to be used to pay the salaries of a social worker, a psychologist and secretary.  According to the president, the loss has left us in a serious “mess” because the donations of members, a contribution of 40 euros per year, is not enough to meet our expenses.

Individuals or organisations who want to help can contact the organisation on the following telephone numbers: 96 521 7955 / 648 402 628.