One of the most unusual awards that I have discovered of late is that of the European tree of the year. And it would seem that a tree in the centre of Elche is very much in the running.

Nestled in the Plaza Glorieta, a small square in the centre of the city, the Pollancre d’Elx, commonly known as the  ilicitano black poplar, is female, aged just 35 years and is10 meters high.

According to organisers “Forests Without Borders”, the competition seeks to appreciate and protect interesting old trees and to highlight them as an important natural and cultural heritage.

They say that neither age, size nor beauty are important in determining the winner of the competition but rather history and connection with people are the main determining factors.

The Councillor for the Environment, Antonio Garcia, encourages local residents to cast their vote on the website He said that this exceptional tree deserves to have its day and it’s nomination id testament to the loving care that it has received over many years by the municipal gardens authority.

The Elche tree is one of nine candidates in the 2017 Competition.