Imagine standing on a small ledge 850ft in the air, with a cold wind swirling around your head, you look up, the sky seems closer up here, you can practically touch the few wisps of white cloud… you look down, emptiness all the way to the bottom. Your palms are sweating as you hold your guide rope tightly. Your heart beats like a drum, faster, faster. You close your eyes and step forward…

Jayne Leggatt and Matt Smith will be doing this very thing this Halloween when they confront their fears and leap off the top of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. At around 9am Spanish time they will be attempting the most dare devilish of tasks all in aid of the Pink Ladies AECC charity association.

The jump will be posted on the Pink Ladies Facebook page as soon as it’s completed (beware of any possible cursing!) for all to see.

They kindly ask for your sponsorship for this wonderful  group of people who are the Pink Ladies, who strive to raise funds for early detection tests and support for those whose lives are tainted by Cancer.

If you would like to sponsor either of them, then please make a donation directly on the Pink Ladies web page: quoting ”skyjump” or via paypal  to

100% of sponsorship money will go to the charity so help Jayne and Matt to help the Pink Ladies for this wonderful cause.

Read all about Jayne and Matthew’s experience just as soon as they  return from America.