Here on the Costa’s golf is one of the biggest leisure time activities for both tourists and resident alike and with this in mind we have secured the services of Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services to provide a weekly round up of local golfing events and topics and in conjunction with us at THE LEADER will provide discounted golf prices to all of our readers and run our golf competitions.

Golf Equipment – Golf Balls

Do you use a type of golf ball because you found it, were given it as a present or because it is the latest being used by the golf pro’s?

To understand the importance of selecting a golf ball to suit your ‘game’ you need to know a little of golf ball aerodynamics and ball flight.

Put simply every golf ball is hit with back spin and when any rotating spherical object comes into contact with a horizontal surface in a different plane, the object will reverse it’s rotation and that is why a golf ball back-spins on the second bounce.

In addition under laboratory conditions using a robotic arm on a perfectly flat surface putts of 6ft were missed on a regular basis as a result of the reaction between the dimples on the ball and the putter face

Still with me, I bet that you will not think about a golf ball in the same way again?

Now I know that a golfer receives a small confidence boost on the first tee from his Titleist Pro V1 golf ball costing 5 Euro’s but this soon disappears as the ball curves left or right either out of bounds or into the nearest lake.

Remember that these balls are designed to spin at a higher rate BUT this means laterally as well as backspin and therefore poorer shots with a hook or slice are accentuated.

In addition here in the Vega Bega the courses are generally over-watered with resulting soft greens and landing areas so the new balls cannot spin as designed because the surfaces are not firm enough to react against.

How can this help my thinking process I hear you ask?

Do not use a ball because of it’s name but choose one that suits your game and a harder ball with a longer flight time is better suited to the conditions here on the Costa’s.

Consistently use the same golf ball and you understand the flight characteristics relative to your ‘game’ you will find club selection easier and eliminate doubt about how the ball will fly from rough or distances to carry bunkers and water hazards therefore allowing you to play the shot in a more positive manner.

Remember that confidence is POWER and clear thinking is POSITIVE.

The deals shown in the table are some of the best currently available to you:We at THE LEADER are committed to providing to our golfing readers affordable golf without the need to join a club or apply for a card but simply contact the number below to have instant access to discounted golf prices, many of which are exclusive to us.

Golf Course Price Comments
Alenda €100 Two Players and Buggy
Alicante €82 Two Players and Buggy (after 12pm)
Altorreal €80 Two Players and Buggy
Bonalba €80 Two Players and Buggy
Don Cayo (Altea) €88 Two Players and Buggy
Font Del Llop €33 Single Green Fee and Buggy
La Finca €110 Two Green Fees and Buggy
La Peraleja €120 Four Players and Two Buggies
La Marquesa €37 Single Green Fee
La Serena €80 Two Players and Buggy
Las Colinas €126 Two Green Fees and Buggy
Las Ramblas €90 Two Players and Buggy
Lo Romero €33 Single Green Fee
Roda €110 Two Players and Buggy
Villamartin €102 Two Players and Buggy
Villaitana Poniente €55 Single Green Fee and Buggy
Vistabella €66 Two Players and Buggy (weekends)

Deal of the Week:

Las Pinaillas (Albacete) €85 each for 2 rounds of golf with buggies and B&B accommodation on shared room basis in the 3* Castilla hotel .

Last minute offers from all Nike courses from €60 for 2 players walking.

For Bookings and more information contact Mike at or direct on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 quoting reference LEADER.

Hollow Tining Watch

Alicante – 5th-6th September, La Serena -5th-8th September 2016

Quotation of the Week

“All my ex’s have Rolexes” – John Daly