Once again, with the collaboration of the Orihuela Costa town hall, Chiringuitos Del Sol carried out a social responsibility initiative during 18-28 August where they encouraged users to help with the cleaning on local beaches.

Using the slogan “Beach Lovers” the company sought to raise awareness among beach users of the importance of protecting the ecosystem to keep the beaches in perfect condition.

Collection points were set up on a number of different beaches where participants were able to take a glass full of cigarette butts and receive in return a free drink or free ice cream for helping clean the beaches.

Thanks to the active collaboration of the users of the beaches at Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Estaca, La Caleta and La Glea, over 800 plastic containers full of cigarette ends were collected.

The campaign is accompanied by messages of environmental awareness to show that the beaches are one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change and that actions like burying a cigarette end in the sand, sea, or carelessly disposing of plastic containers or any residue, can cause irreparable damage with a single filter cigarette being enough to contaminate three litres of seawater since they are designed to absorb tar and chemicals such as lead and arsenic.

When they come into contact with seawater these toxic substances are dissolved in the water, a risk, not only for the entire marine ecosystem but also for all bathers.

The organizers, are very pleased by the success of this campaign and they want to encourage users to continue to help maintain the quality of the beaches along the entire coast of Orihuela.

The organisers say that the clean up at the end of every holiday season ensures that the beaches are left by holidaymakers in a clean state and ready for their return and further enjoyment next year.