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Vencosan is opening in Torrevieja !

On Thursday 19 May, Vencosan opens the doors to its new office in Torrevieja. Vencosan is an energy consulting company that puts its name to...


The Leader Daily Briefing – Friday 12 April 2024

In our last Spanish news update of the week,...

Multi-million-euro Waste Disposal Contractor being Given “Favourable” Treatment

The PSOE of Torrevieja has accused the ruling PP of favourably treating the company Acciona, which is contracted to provide the majority of waste disposal services in the municipality, and yet, as many people would testify through experience, are considerably deficient in doing so. The mayor announced in the plenary session as requested by the …

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The Guardia Civil arrests three people for illegal street race

Illegal Street Race

The Guardia Civil arrested three men after a video of their illegal race on the M-45 in Madrid went viral. On January 21, they recklessly drove parallel at high speeds, with one blocking traffic to film. Aged 24-26, from Toledo and Madrid, they had past police records and now face reckless driving charges.

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Orihuela Costa man arrested for sexual aggression

The Local Police have arrested a man for an...