The Court of Instruction number 2 of Torrevieja has ordered the provisional detention, without bail, of the British couple detained last week in Rojales for the death of the woman’s mother.

The daughter of the deceased, 38 years old, and the detained victim’s friend, aged 73, were released following their initial arrest, for the provisional charges of reckless homicide and failure to provide a duty of care, when it took them three days to call to 112 after the mother suffered a fall at home.  When they eventually made the call, it was only after they discovered that she was dead.

The Torrevieja court summoned the couple to appear again, after they had received an extensive report of the autopsy carried out on the 76-year-old English woman. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, they were both imprisoned while they are being further investigated as perpetrators of the crimes of homicide by omission, rather than reckless as initially thought, and by a crime of omission of a duty to aid.

The victim’s daughter is also charged with the crime of abandoning her family.

The mother of the now imprisoned woman suffered a fall in her Rojales home, because of which she could have broken her hip, but her daughter and her friend did not call the emergency services, but rather placed her on the floor of the lounge.

Three days later, when they went to check on her, they discovered that she was dead, at which point they called 112.

The emergency services and the Local Police arrived at the property, but the woman was dead following which the Judicial Police of the Guardamar Civil Guard proceeded to arrest the daughter and her friend.