The Councillor for Citizen Participation in the Orihuela municipality, Anabel García Mateo, has visited the Ramón de Campoamor civic centre with the architect who will draft the project to repair the structural damage that forced its closure 4 years ago.

This first visit marks the beginning of the work aimed at the comprehensive repair of the building.

The company will be in charge of evaluating the facilities to prepare a technical report that will guide the correction of the structural pathologies detected such as: the collapse of the perimeter sidewalk, the entry of water through the holes in the retaining wall of the basement floor, the cracks inclined cracks in interior partitions, bulging tiled walls, the impossibility of closing passage doors, vertical cracks in pillars, horizontal cracks in the central opening of the building, inclined cracks in the enclosure of the basement floor as well as the fall of cladding pieces on side and rear facades.

The councillor has stated that once the project has been drafted, it will be studied to begin the immediate bidding for the works, since she considers the reopening of the Civic Centre a priority.