Mojácar has another work of urban art, located at the entrance to Mojácar on the wall where the new bus station stands.

More than 400 square metres that depict the most emblematic images of the municipality and invite the visitor to prepare to discover the most important corners of the locality.

A general image of Mojácar, Mojácar women carrying their pitchers and covering part of their face with the traditional scarf, the city arch, the fountain and its beach as the most representative elements of the municipality’s culture.

The work has been created by Nicolás Rodriguez, “Niko” who already knows Mojácar as the creator, together with his wife “Maki”, a professional photographer, of the spectacular paintings that decorate the lifesaving modules on Mojácar beach. Makí was the author of the photographs on which this new huge mural is based. This time he has also had the collaboration of another artist, Nesui, internationally recognised for his style based on realistic portraiture and for his large murals.

It has taken a year, countless sketches, a lot of study of the mural and a great amount of work to create this very difficult work due to its extensive size and strategic location.

When the bus interchange was built, the elevation of the land on which it stands partially covered in some sections the view of the village when going up to the village centre from the beach.

Mojácar Council thought of “reconverting” the retaining wall into a “window” where the silhouette of the village could be seen in its entirety. The effect is spectacular and gives a fantastic first impression, showing that art is part of Mojácar’s DNA. To its credit, this locality already has, both on the beach and in the village, other murals that undoubtedly embellish its architecture.

Urban art has a more than deserved place within the artistic world. It was in Paris, in the 1960s, that it began to be seen and valued, although it was not until the 1990s and thanks to great artists such as Sheparad Fairey and the well-known Banksy, among others, when they succeeded in their works being among the most sought-after in the art world.

Nicolás Rodriguez already has extensive experience in the world of painting. Graffiti artist and visual artist, he has a degree in Fine Arts. He started with some friends in the world of urban art and today is one of Andalucía’s most recognised artists.

For more than 10 years he has been working with María Ángeles “Maki” Fernández, forming the group Makinico, a name that encapsulates their joint work and with which they sign a multitude of works.

A luxury which Mojácar joins and follows in the world of art in all its manifestations. In the portfolio, other artistic representations that can shape the locality as a large open museum where the street and its passers-by are the protagonists.