Leading up to the last elections in May 2023, Orihuela Costa was sold a pig in a poke by PP and VOX. They have since broken every key election commitment.

There are far too many to mention, but one that really stands out was NOT to raise taxes. As we warned last year, when they have the chance, they will raise all taxes, Waste and IBI; now we at P.I.O.C. have been proved right.

The increase in taxes is despite the coastal residents failing to get the very basic services, even though we are the biggest contributor by far to the council’s coffers. Over 60% of their revenue is generated from the Coast, therefore, with the planned increases, that percentage will jump dramatically,

And now the question is, where are CLARO, the party who sold themselves and their membership to PP? How can they explain this to their supporters almost a year on?

What about the individuals who were out canvassing on behalf of PP and VOX, how can they explain how and why Vegara and Mestre backtracked and flip-flopped on far too many promises?

P.I.O.C. is vindicated about our warning of tax rises, but the punishment hasn’t stopped, the hurt that we feel will only continue through to the next elections, as will the ANGER that the residents also are feeling.

Orihuela Costa is in it’s worst ever condition so it is no surprise that a lot of voters are asking themselves “what have we done”?

Even though we have a new government, 8 months into their term, it is safe to say they have done more damage than any of their predecessors, with the additional label; VOX and PP are showing themselves to be homophobic!

In a statement made by Snr Mestre he said, “It is dishonest to give aid and enrich oneself at the expense of public money,” as he also advocated “not financing a party that does not represent the majority of the population,” even though there is approximately 300 members of that community living here. He was of course referring to the LGTBQ community.

Now, we have the Associations of Mothers and Fathers fast gaining support after their complaints about the state of the children’s play parks around the municipality, many of which present a serious hazard. This resulted in mass protests and a 1000 signature petition being handed in.

Just last week we had the first of many concentrations announced by the AMPA Oriol in front of the main door of the Orihuela City Council to demand the works on the Palmeral facilities and the old people’s centre, a fight that they have patiently endured since the DANA of 2019.

Snr Vegara, P.I.O.C. ask’s you, what now? As the individual responsible for the decisions of your government team, what are you going to do to fix he mess that Orihuela Costa residents are in?