Orihuela Costa is divided into two municipal districts, X and XI. Each has a District Board, which is made up of individuals who are elected by residents and by registered associations, their objectives being consultation, information, and liaison with municipal management, essentially another layer of bureaucracy between the people and the Orihuela Council.

Quite what they are able to achieve is a mystery. I am still trying hard to recall any benefits resulting from previous District Boards. Nevertheless, the two boards will each comprise of 6 representatives elected by local residents and a further 7 who are nominated by local registered associations.

The election to the boards will be held on Thursday 29 February with voting taking pace from 9am to 5pm.

For both District X and X1 the Polling Station is located in the Centro Civico, Alameda del Mar. In order to cast your vote you must be a resident, registered on the padron and take along with you either your ID Card, DNI, NIE, or Passport.

District X candidates seeking election are: Miguel Angel Cordoba Vega, Román Jimenez Gil, Fermin González Rodríguez, Peter Daniel Houghton, Priscilla Samantha Cromie, Jolanta Houghton, Luke Anthony Houghton, M.ª Pilar Gomez Magán, Santiago Perez Lázaro and Rosa Elena Carcamo Collatti

District X1 candidates are: Jose Manuel Gonzalez Bautista, Luis Manuel Carcedo Moya, Huberto Canovas Martínez, Juan Ignacio Gomez Ene, Juan Carlos Diez Requena, Elisio Soares Silva, Oscar Diaz Angulo, Matias Enrique Moreno Schmidt, Silvia Esteve Franco, Nuria Lopez Gómez, Edna Ruiz Soliño, Benedicto Jose Moratalla Parra