On Saturday evening, the Orihuela Costa was able to enjoy a very impressive family-friendly carnival, the first organised by the newly formed Comisión de Fiestas Orihuela Costa, attracting crowds which filled the pavements along the entire stretch of C/Nicolas de Bussi, the carnival route.

With over 20 local troupes taking part from local schools, associations and charities, over 500 participants, dressed in elegant and trendy costumes, as they paraded, danced and partied in style, much to the enjoyment of the many hundreds of spectators who had turned out in support of the occasion.

Unlike similar events in neighbouring municipalities, who spend many thousands of euros from local taxes, the entire budget for the festival was raised thanks to local business and private sponsorships. There was no financial support from the Orihuela council although it did assist with the provision of security, cleaning, a large stage and the necessary logistics, helping to make this parade a wonderful success.

As well as providing great entertainment the main purpose of the carnival was to celebrate the diverse cultures and the spirit of togetherness that exemplifies the people of Orihuela Costa.

At the end of the route the parade gathered at the top of C/Nicolas de Bussi where there were musical and dance performances, as well as a bouncy castle and many other attractions for the children.

Well done to the festival commission for their initiative, the first we hope with many more to come.

Following the parade, a notice on the Commission’s Facebook page said, “We want to thank you all for making it such an incredible day. It exceeded our expectations. Thank you for participating”.