The Elche General Hospital Health Department has three important actions underway in two health centres in its district in the city and another in Santa Pola. In total, with an estimated investment of more than 600,000 euro.

The most important work at a monetary level will be that of Santa Pola, with a maximum price of around 330,000 euro and a period of three months of works. The expansion of the building in height is proposed, increasing one floor in the wing of the building that only has a ground floor, above the current gym and staff locker rooms.

A part of this area is used that is built on the first floor, where the current warehouse is located, which already has coverage. It will be used to raise some railings in the waiting room area on the first floor.

In Elche, 200,000 euro will be allocated for the expansion of three consultations (4-5-6) at the El Raval Health Centre. The extension is located in the garden area next to the main entrance of the building, attached to its southern part, with the current waiting room of the Paediatrics’ Area.

Work will also be done at Altabix, with the remodelling work of the health centre. With 280,000 euro and another three months of works. The planned interventions consist of remodelling, small distribution reforms and updating of finishes in certain areas and rooms of the property. Action will be carried out in five areas: interior warehouse, consultations, X-rays, rehabilitation area and exterior warehouse.