The National Police has arrested six people belonging to a criminal organisation accused of deceiving women with the offers of a cleaning job to regularise their immigration into Spain and then forcing them to act as prostitutes to repay the “debt” of their travel from Brazil.

The women have now been released from a property in Almoradí following a joint operation between the National Police and the Federal Police of Brazil that has concluded with six arrests.

The gang leader deceived her victims promising them a cleaning job, while stating that she would pay for their trip and then regularise their situation in Spain. However, once in the country, they were forced to become prostitutes to pay the debt for their travel, which was half of the money obtained from providing sexual services.

The gang members allegedly took advantage of the victims’ religious beliefs to, through rituals, prayers and offerings, achieve “absolute loyalty” to the leaders of the organisation.

They exercised “tough control” over the victims through video surveillance cameras that they established in the brothel. The gang exploited the women 24 hours a day and they were not able to refuse any clients or rest. From the small amount of money they were allowed to keep they had to pay for rent, food, and even water.

The National Police is in a constant fight against trafficking and they regularly carry out appeals for help and information from the general public.

Should you have information on crimes of this nature you can call in complete confidence using the telephone number 900 10 50 90 or the email address without the call being reflected on your telephone bill.

Since the beginning of 2023, the Police have received a total of 5,235 communications by these means (2,230 calls and 3,005 emails), thanks to which information 19 successful police operations have been carried out, resulting in the arrest of 70 people and the release of 73 victims, of which two were minors.