Hoorah! Echoed through the wooden hut with shouts of approval, clapping and the stamping of feet by the various groups of men listening to their spokesman in the old scout’s hall where previously Scouts did their ‘dib dib dibing’ and were taught honesty and to ‘Be Prepared’.

But they could not, nor anyone be prepared for the way that British life has changed, as now this hut is lined with migrants who have just been told they are being moved from the current four-star accommodation and being transferred to a five star hotel on Hayling Island where they are told, to more cheering, there is no police presence because the police station has been closed, so looting is a free for all.

None of that is true, well I don’t think so as I just made that up, I’m not even certain there is a five-star hotel on Hayling Island, which is near Southampton.

The part of that ramble, which is true, and the situation, is that the local police station has been closed and there is no blue line in this small community to help in the protection of property, according to recent reports at the time of writing. The villains and nasties of the world, we are told, are walking into shops, taking what they want and just pacing out of the door without payment.

One report says retailers nationwide are losing up to two billion pounds per year to theft, and of course in the long run hard-working law-abiding citizens pay for that loss, and probably it is partly the reason for the inflationary period being suffered at this time.

On your Bike:

I think if I was to write a fictional story of a prisoner escaping from prison by hiding under a delivery lorry as what happened recently at Wandsworth Prison in London, I would be laughed at which only goes to help prove reality is stranger than fiction. I would also be laughed at because it has been done previously in a film before this very real escape.

We have been looking through Google trying to find the name of the film where it was previously portrayed.

There was the ‘Lavender Hill Mob’ who stole a load of gold and turned it into models of the Eiffel Tower to smuggle it out of the country. There was also the ‘League of Gentlemen’, where they hold a ball in a luxury house while one of them climbed up the outside walls into bedrooms to steal valuable items, that film may have been called something else, but neither of those two had an escaping prisoner.

There are so many films with all names from the past and although I remember the sequence of the prisoner hiding under a vehicle to make his escape, I cannot remember the movie it was in.

As I said I would be laughed at for thinking of such a plot for surely a modern-day prison has CCTV footage, besides that he must have had help, for how did he know where to fit the make do harness he had made from the plastic on his bed’s mattress.

Picture the scene of a prison yard with just a few people standing and wandering around some of whom are prison guards and this guy holding plastic straps in his hand walks up to a lorry and climbs underneath without being noticed. It is obvious he must have had a lot of help. He might just as well have borrowed, or stole if you like, a prison guards’ bike and rode out of the jail on that. I doubt if he would have been noticed.



The news this morning, as I write in early September, is that nearly one thousand migrants arrived on the coast in Kent yesterday and were in a queue being processed at the Border Force offices. A continuous poison drip feeding into the country, bringing the total to 25,700 plus persons this year, swamping services, the medical profession, the police and a range of other necessities to deal with this swarm of people, overwhelming the facilities so the very fabric of the way of life is being changed.

I would like to think that the wonderful world we left behind us, twenty odd years ago is nowhere near as bad as the newspapers say in their reporting on the daily crime figures, of stabbings, stealing, rape and murder also the number of police officers having their collar felt for stepping out of line for sexual reasons. Are the actual events anything like the reading implies? However, my wishful thinking is just that.

It looks to me like what we are seeing is the total collapse of the British way of life, the tenderness, honesty and friendship being blown away by runaway thugs who owe nothing to anyone in the way of respect, with a determination to cause as much damage in their greed to steal and run riot with no recognition for law and order.

This  effect of lawlessness, rumbles on through Britain with a huge cost not only to the Government but also local authorities a number of which have gone into administration after running short of money, the latest being Birmingham, the largest council in Europe, partly caused in their struggle to cope with the increased services they need to provide as immigrants flood through the  towns and cities and day to day needs  being swamped by additional statistics.

My words here suggest that the United Kingdom is the only country with the migrant problem but that would be wrong, the Western World is suffering from this invasion, all are having difficulty in coping with the numbers.

What we are seeing is, in my view is a deliberate invasion for the destruction of the West’s way of life, developed with care and understanding by our forefathers. Take care.

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For sale sign in prison yard