Once again, the Education system in Orihuela is failing our children as successive local governments, PSOE, C’s, PP and Vox, have all been, and are still unable, to provide classroom accommodation for dozens of youngsters, in predominantly infant and junior age groups, many of whom are required to remain at home, where they are unable to obtain a formal education.

On the Orihuela Costa, as if they don’t already have enough to deal with, children have nowhere to play, with all our parks offering some degree of health hazard, there is no skatepark, even though it was promised many months ago, there are no libraries in which they can study for exams, and as we reported a few weeks ago they will continue to be without the temporary school in Los Dolses until next year, thereby putting even more pressure on existing schools to expand or increase their intake.

A typical example of the serious underfunding and mismanagement they have to deal with, has seen classes of 32 children now increased to 35, no early childhood psychomotor classroom, instead another 5 classes of 5 year old’s, a computer room sacrificed to become a 6th grade classroom, also a music room which is now a 6th form class, and the disappearance of a teachers room to make way for even more 5th year students. No doubt their library will be the next casualty to be sacrificed.

I find it sad to see these children, our future generation, that are being seriously harmed because of the ineffectiveness and the lack of foresight of the whole political system in this part of Spain, elected officials who would appear to lack any political will.

We know about the physical conditions of our schools, many of which are in disrepair; mould, condensation running down the inside the windows, lack of materials; how on earth do the teachers manage? They really are heroes in my eyes, coming together with parents, uniting by Orihuela’s mismanagement.

We really do hope that this is a short-term problem, but looking back as successive governments we suspect that we will continue to be a long and frustrating period.

PIOC, as the only party that is completely dedicated to Orihuela Costa, is here to help and assist in any way that it can. As our elected politicians sit in their ivory towers, in a city 34 kms away, P.I.O.C representatives and supporters all live in the City of Orihuela Costa. We know it thoroughly and we know how to solve its problems.