Residents of Orihuela Costa continue to warn of the serious danger of fire in Aguamarina’s Punta de La Glea micro-reserve.

The Cabo Roig and Lomas Neighborhood Association (AVCRL) has now sent a letter to the Ministry of the Environment and several local councillors asking that they take immediate action to remove the pruning, felled trees and bushes.

Similar demands were made to the Orihuela Government at the beginning of June, but as a result of the council’s inaction AVCRL has now gone direct to the Ministry with it’s complaint, confirming that illegal logging is still taking place.

A spokesman for the Association said, “In the last 12 months there have been at least three tree fellings carried out, which have affected the flora of the microreserve, especially the large pines, which have almost certainly been cut down with powerful electromechanical saws “, states the letter he has sent to the Generalitat, which also requests that the matter be investigated by  environmental officers in order to arrest and punish the guilty parties.

It also asks that following the visit of the agents, the remains of the felling be urgently removed, given “the high danger of fire posed by the high temperatures that we currently endure and that, apparently, will be maintained throughout the summer.”

According to the neighbourhood organisation, the Ministry has replied stating that an investigation will be carried out.

In addition, the association has reported the problem by telephone to both the mayor of Orihuela, Pepe Vegara, and the councillor of the Coast, Manuel Mestre, so that the area can be monitored until the culprit or culprits of this environmental crime are located.”

In a separate appeal to the new Orihuela Mayor ang his councillors the association has asked that the government applies the same urgency to the many problems relating to the coast as they have to the approval of their new salaries.