Whilst surfing off the coast of Torrevieja on Sunday morning, a surfer found a large, brown bundle floating in the sea. Believing the bundle could contain drugs, the surfer contacted the emergency services who sent patrols from both the Guardia Civil and Local Police, who were able to recover the bundle thanks to the help of a local fishing boat. Torrevieja Local Police used to have their own patrol boat, it should be noted, which could have been used instead of relying on the good nature of a private vessel. The bundle of drugs was brought to Torrevieja port where an investigation will now be carried out to ascertain the origin of the stash, and possibly identify those responsible.
Torrevieja Police Boat in 2011
The Torrevieja Local Police boat in 2011. This is not the only vessel the police used in the town previously for activities such as this, as well as rescues and patrols.
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