The 28M has finally arrived and during Sunday morning the many different candidates looking to hold the offices of mayor in their respective municipalities were out casting their votes.

The region will decide who are its representatives in the 27 municipalities that make up the Vega Baja.

One of the earliest to vote was the mayoress of Orihuela and PSOE candidate, Carolina Gracia, who attended the the Correntías Social Center, at around 11:15 am. Surrounded by members of the local press corps she told them, “The time has come to see what the result will be. Time is with us. I hope that people come out encouraged and exercise their right to vote.”

Carolina Gracia, the current mayor of Orihuela

Pepe Vegara, hoping to lead the Partido Popular to election victory, went to the Andrés Manjón School at 11:45 am, where he also exercised his right to vote. “The time is with us. It is a great day, the weather is good, that was our biggest fear. The party of democracy has to be your choice. It will govern with total normality, with the desire to hear the voice of the people of Oriolan, “said the PP candidate.

Pepe Vegara, is hoping to lead the Partido Popular to election victory in Orihuela

Also out was the Ciudadanos candidate, José Aix, who voted at 12:15 p.m., at the Social Centre in his home village of Desamparados. Aix stated that “We hope that the day will be very positive for Ciudadanos Orihuela and that the work we have been doing for 4 years in the Orihuela City Council to treat all Oriolanos equally is endorsed.”

The Ciudadanos candidate, José Aix, voted at 12:15 p.m

However, the earliest riser on electoral day in Orihuela was the Cambiemos candidate, Carlos Bernabé, who cast his vote at around 9:30 a.m., at the María Moliner Municipal Public Library. “I call for citizen participation because at the local level we have a lot at stake ,” said Bernabé.

Torrevieja’s PP mayor and candidate for re election Eduardo Dolon

As he also voted this morning, Torrevieja’s PP mayor and candidate for re election, Eduardo Dolon, told the press “I encourage you to participate in this election day in which Torrevieja and the Valencian Community have a lot at stake. All votes count on this day of Democracy.”

Of course there were also many other candidates for mayor’s offices in different municipalities of Vega Baja who were out exercising their right to vote this morning. Among them, the mayoress of Benejúzar, Rosa García (Ciudadanos); the mayor of Los Montesinos, José Manuel Butrón (PSOE); the mayor of Cox, Antonio Bernabéu (Partido Popular); the mayor of Daya Vieja, José Vicente Fernández (Compromís); and the mayor of Guardamar del Segura, José Luis Sáez (PSOE).

Main Image: José Manuel Butrón (PSOE) voting in Los Montesinos