Officers from the Guardia Civil carrying out customs checks arrested a 23-year-old woman of Brazilian nationality for crimes against public health and contraband, when they found almost three kilos of cocaine hidden inside a video console.

The events took place earlier this month on a flight from Brazil with a stopover in Madrid, when the agents noticed the presence of a woman who caught their attention, since at all times she avoided eye contact with them and even delayed accessing the customs area.

For this reason, in the presence of the woman, an inspection of her checked baggage was carried out using an X-ray scanner. During the analysis, organic masses were detected inside a video console that could be compatible with narcotic substances.

Once the game console was opened, four plastic-wrapped packages containing a compact white substance were discovered, weighing 2,685 grams. An analysis of the powder contained in the packages confirmed that it was cocaine, which led to the immediate arrest of the passenger.

The traveller, a 23-year-old Brazilian woman, has been accused of crimes against public health and smuggling. Subsequently, she has been transferred to the Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 3 of Elche, where she has been ordered to enter prison.