Pablo Samper and Jaime Aniorte have detailed the city model for which Sueña Torrevieja bets in which the streets will be opened to families, shops and culture and leisure.

The creation of new parking spaces will be accompanied by the creation of green areas and playgrounds limiting the circulation of vehicles for residents and emergency services and transport and improving public transport.

Pablo Samper, candidate for mayor of Sueña Torrevieja has detailed the project for the creation of pedestrian areas in the urban area of Torrevieja, which in the words of Samper “will totally change the model of the city of Torrevieja and for which we bet from Sueña Torrevieja: more life, more families walking, more consumption, therefore more businesses and more wealth,  in addition to limiting vehicles by consequently reducing air pollution.”

For Samper “Sueña Torrevieja has a true city model, in which the improvement of public transport and bike lanes will also have their fundamental role in this creation of pedestrian areas: no neighbour or resident should worry: you can find parking in the new spaces that will be created, in addition to being able to access their garages without problems”.

Jaime Aniorte, number 4 of the candidacy of Sueña Torrevieja, affirms that “the PP has left in the hands of private promoters the initiative in the growth of Torrevieja, and it has been harmful since Torrevieja has grown in a disorderly way and without planning“.

Aniorte also adds that “we have to solve structural problems, parking problems and traffic problems, but we do not need to grow more if we do not improve the public services we already have. That is why with this project we believe that Torrevieja could be definitively ordered and begin to be a national reference”.